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Make Up Days

January 30th--Make up day is April 18 with April 19 as our PD Day
January 31st--Make up day is May 20
February 7--Make up day is May 21
February 20-- Make up day is May 22
February 28 -- Make up day is May 23 with an early out of 1:00 pm
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Please don't block our text messages - Select your preferences instead.

We use School Messenger to communicate school events and important notices. If you have blocked us, you may not receive emergency notices such as school cancellations. You can control how you get School Messenger alerts (by text, phone, or email) by setting your preferences. (To receive texts, you must text Y or YES to 67587) For directions to set your personal preferences, click on the headline above.
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Bus Drivers Needed

We are looking for SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS in the California area. This person must be reliable & have patience to deal with students. The hours are about 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. for the morning route and about 2:30 p.m. to about 4:30 p.m. for the afternoon route....give or take a few minutes either direction on both routes. However, there is plenty of opportunity for additional hours if you'd like them. Extra hours consist of field trips and charters. No experience necessary, we will train you, and send you for all necessary screenings. If interested, please contact Emilie Hill, Durham Site Manager for California, Clarksburg and Latham Schools, at 573-796-2904.
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We need more substitute teachers!

The Moniteau County R-1 School District (California, MO) is seeking applicants for Substitute Teachers. Qualifications include a high school diploma, 60 college credit hours and a Content Substitute certificate from DESE.
Substitute teaching is a great way to supplement your income with a flexible schedule. The California School District pays $75 per day for substituting, and pay can increase to $180 per day for long-term placement.
Click on the headline above for more information.
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Parent Portal

Did you know that you as a parent can be just as mobile as your student? Click on the headline for information on the Parent Portal App for your phone.
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The Momo Challenge Safety. Click here to view the entire letter.

The Momo Challenge

The “Momo Game” or “Momo Challenge” has been around since last summer. It has resurfaced and has gone viral again. It is believed to have been originally created by hackers searching for personal information. When it first surfaced the “doll” would encourage kids to add a contact to the popular messaging application, “WhatsApp Messenger.” That contact would then bombard them with graphic, violent images and would dare them to do horrendous acts. These acts included doing harm to others and ultimately themselves.

Ultimately this is a form of cyber bullying. With the resurfacing of this game and where the photos have been attached, a substantially younger crowd is being forced to deal with this matter. Just having to see the photo of the “doll” could be disturbing enough for this age of kids. The photos and videos have been seen on YouTube, YouTube Kids, and more specifically Peppa the Pig videos.

I want to appeal to all parents to not simply focus on “Momo,” but I want to urge them to:

● Ensure that they know what their kid can access online.
● Ensure that their kids understand the importance of NOT giving out personal information online.
● Tell their children NO-ONE has the right to make them do anything they do not want to do.
● Use parental controls on all online devices that their kid has access too.

I believe we all need to be vigilant in protecting our kids in anything that they are involved in. in today’s world our kids are online more and more every day.

At this time during my research I am finding no evidence that devices are being “hacked” or viruses being attached when the photos and/or videos are seen. That being said I have spoken to a couple people that have had issues with their devices after “Momo” was seen on their device.
Deputy Scott Harkins S-11
Moniteau County Sheriff’s Department
School Resource Officer
California R-1 Schools
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